Chicken Keeping Advice

For those of you with chooks or interested in keeping them, there is a great newsletter that you can subscribe to at the following site.  The newsletter comes out once a week and contains some really useful advice.


Can’t Stop Laughing

I was just on the Milkwood Permaculture site having a look at an example of some great Geurrilla Gardening verge style, when I came across a video half way down the page. The tears have only just stopped streaming down my face. Watch this if you need a laugh and confirmation that community is alive and well and functioning outside of beauracratic bullshit.

The Simpler Way….

So all this talk of economics, growth and consumption has got me somewhat fired up.

Throughout my internet wanderings i stumbled upon Samuel Alexander who in my mind is a genius of our generation. A Melbourne University academic, he lives simply and happily in a small hut that he built himself using mostly abandoned materials. He is also the founder and executive director of the Life Poets’ Simplicity Collective (, a grass-roots political and community association dedicated to the organization and advancement of the ‘voluntary simplicity’ movement in Australia and New Zealand.

His writing is considered, highly academic, yet grounded and published in mainstream journals.

I think i have an intellectual crush……

Find him here:


Garbage Warrior

Garbage Warrior

I watched the doco about Earthships and Mike Reynolds last night. What an  inspiring guy. For over 35 yrs he’s been perfecting totally stand alone, sustainable housing options. When the shit hits the fan this is the guy we’ll be turning to for help, and thank God (figure of speech, not a guy in the sky who controls all) he didn’t let the system beat him.

It’s a great little doco and can be watched online at:

Pest-repellent Plants by Penny Woodward

I was listening to RRR’s Dirty Deeds the other day and Penny Woodward was on speaking about her new book “Pest-repellent Plants”.  I subsequently bought a copy and now recommend it.

It’s a small book (with a small price tag), easy to read with good cross referencing between plants and pests.  It also has a lot of useful advice at tackling pests in the home, (using the same plants as she recommends for the garden).  If you buy it from her site, it arrives by post very quickly.

See the link for more information.  Happy Pest Control!