Can’t Stop Laughing

I was just on the Milkwood Permaculture site having a look at an example of some great Geurrilla Gardening verge style, when I came across a video half way down the page. The tears have only just stopped streaming down my face. Watch this if you need a laugh and confirmation that community is alive and well and functioning outside of beauracratic bullshit.


Garbage Warrior

Garbage Warrior

I watched the doco about Earthships and Mike Reynolds last night. What an  inspiring guy. For over 35 yrs he’s been perfecting totally stand alone, sustainable housing options. When the shit hits the fan this is the guy we’ll be turning to for help, and thank God (figure of speech, not a guy in the sky who controls all) he didn’t let the system beat him.

It’s a great little doco and can be watched online at:

File Sharing

There is a widget I can add to the sidebar that enables file sharing via If anyone thinks this is useful or has some files to share leave a comment and I’ll set it up. There’s a 1gb limit, so maybe we could rotate files in and out if we end up with large files or too many.

How To Contribute

If you would like to contribute to this site and you’re on the Ceres PDC 2012 mailing list, then you have my email address and can email me to say you want to contribute, and I’ll send you an invite. If you’re not on the mailing list and have come from somewhere else then fill out the contact form below and I’ll send you an invite. Please write a couple of lines about your connection to permaculture in the comments box.

Once you contact me to contribute then I will send you an invite. If you, then set up a username (on the right side of the page) not a blog and then go back to the invite email and accept the invitation then you can sign in and access the dashboard for permaculture people. From there you can post etc. You can’t access the dashboard without an invite so if you set up a username without my invite email you’ll still have to ask me to invite you and then accept the invitation. Boring but true.

As you have probably noticed it’s all about the invite!

There can be the odd glitch, so if you are having difficulties let me know. I’ll try and, update this post with any tech support for these glitches as I figure them out.


I’ve set up this blog for the 2012 Ceres PDC class, but if you are here from other directions then please feel welcome to contribute. Our class has an easy exchange of information and ideas and I’d like to see that continue once the course ends.  So all those web links, book references, upcoming courses, places to get stuff etc lets post them here.

I hope this will also be an avenue to stay in touch, discuss and keep inspiring each other with our Permaculture endeavours.

Cheers – Jordan