Chicken Keeping Advice

For those of you with chooks or interested in keeping them, there is a great newsletter that you can subscribe to at the following site.  The newsletter comes out once a week and contains some really useful advice.


Pest-repellent Plants by Penny Woodward

I was listening to RRR’s Dirty Deeds the other day and Penny Woodward was on speaking about her new book “Pest-repellent Plants”.  I subsequently bought a copy and now recommend it.

It’s a small book (with a small price tag), easy to read with good cross referencing between plants and pests.  It also has a lot of useful advice at tackling pests in the home, (using the same plants as she recommends for the garden).  If you buy it from her site, it arrives by post very quickly.

See the link for more information.  Happy Pest Control!